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Beauty Elixir (100ml)
Inspired by the "elixir of youth" used by Queen Isabelle of Hungary, this skincare smoothes features, tightens pores and provides an instant burst of radiance to the complexion.
Vinoperfect Radiance Serum (30ml)
Corrects dark spots, brightens the complexion N°1 anti-dark spot product** This milky serum creates a radiant complexion, corrects dark spots and prevents them from reappearing. The complexion is evened out and more radiant. All skin ...
Grape Water (200ml)
This 100% plant-based soothing water is extracted directly from grapes during the harvests. Use as a toner after cleansing or to refresh and hydrate the skin at any time of the day.
Moisturizing Sorbet Cream (40ml)
Thanks to its "quick break" technology, this gel-cream turns into water on contact, helping soothe, moisturise and strengthen the skin. Reactivates the skin’s hydration mechanisms! Replenishes its water reserves! Ensure the ...
Moisture Recovery Cream (40ml)
Vinosource Moisture Recovery Cream comforts and nourishes the skin deeply. Restoring the hydrolipidic film and strengthening the skin barrier functions. Skin feels soft and supple, perfectly comfortable all day long. This velvety and extrem...
Intense Moisture Rescue Cream (40ml)
First-Aid Skin Care: Intense Moisture Rescue Cream nourishes skin deeply and protects it from drying out. It restores the hydrolipidic film and strengthens the skin barrier functions. Skin lipids are restored to soothe the skin and provide ...
Gentle Cleansing Milk (200ml)
Suitable for all skin types (including oily & dry) this velvety milk formula effectively cleanses & removes make-up. Enriched with nourishing & soothing agents, it leaves the skin clean, soft & comfortable. Delicately formul...
Moisturizing Toner (200ml)
New Look! Complete your cleansing routine with this gentle toner, to moisturise and revitalise the complexion. Highly concentrated with moisture-rich Vinolevure®, this formula effectively cleanses, softens and hydrates skin. Dermatologi...
Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil
This unique blend of 6 active and 100% natural oils melts into skin to nourish the epidermis deep down, repair the skin barrier and soothe sensitive skin. Upon awakening the skin is smooth, restored and more resilient. Apply 6 drops in the ...
Moisturizing Mask (75ml)
The Moisturising Mask intensely rehydrates and soothes dry skin. In minutes, the skin is left soft and hydrated thanks to a formula rich in grape-seed oil, Vinolevure® and plant glycerine. The skin's barrier is left nourished, hydrated ...
Purifying Mask (75ml)
The Purifying Mask is the ideal treatment for combination to oily skin prone to breakouts. Highly concentrated in plant ingredients and two types of clay that work to soak up impurities, diminish the appearance of pores and remove dead skin...
Instant Detox Mask
The Instant Detox Mask helps bring stressed, city-dwelling skin back to life. Its 99.3% natural clay formula sweeps away impurities and toxins. Skin texture is refined, pores are tightened, the complexion is even. Apply a thin layer to the ...
Glycolic Peel Mask (75ml)
A peel treatment that tightens pores, renews skin texture and provides an immediate burst of radiance to brighten, lighten and even your complexion. In just 10 minutes, reveal a brand new glow.
RESVERATROL LIFT Eye Lifting Balm (15ml)
This cutting edge eye balm is powered by a patent combining Vine Resveratrol with Micro Hyaluronic Acids for an unparalleled age-reversing effect. Formulated with advanced peptides and an anti-puffiness plant complex, this eye balm helps li...
RESVERATROL LIFT Firming Serum (30ml)
This fresh and silky serum helps skin look younger: the skin appears firmer, sculpted and more toned. Facial contour redefining Firms 3D moisturizing resculpting