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Rich Hydrating Cream (40ml)
Rich facial moisturizer specifically formulated to mimic the eye's perfect moisturizing system and provide prolonged hydration to dry skin. The gentle, creamy formula helps dry skin restore its hydrolypidic barrier and maintain its moisture...
  • Exp 2020-09
Cleanance MAT Mattifying Emulsion (40ml)
This light-weight, oil-free facial moisturizer absorbs oil and provides long lasting mattification. Rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water and Zinc gluconate to soothe irritation and redness and Monolaurin to regulate the overproduction ...
HK$133 HK$95
Light hydrating emulsion SPF30 (40ml)
Oil free lotion,which is absorbed instantly into the skin.The perfectly balanced texture brings pure refreshing pleasure during application,leaving skin supple,and with a light powdery,matt finish.
Rich hydrating cream SPF30 (40ml)
Gently melts into the skin thanks to its comforting texture,bringing pure pleasure during application and leaving skin soft and supple with a silky finish.
Skin Recovery Cream (50ml)
Completely sterile re-balancing, soothing and protective care for hypersensitive and irritated skin. Reduces skin reactivity and guarantees long-lasting protection by restoring the skin's natural barrier. Moisturizes while calming irritatio...
Light Hydrating Emulsion (40ml)
Lightweight daily facial cream specifically formulated to mimic the eye's perfect moisturizing system. The gentle moisturizer provides long lasting hydration and absorbs excess oil for a shine-free finish. • Patented technology main...
A natural red-fruit extract, acting as a skin cell "booster" is combined with a stable form of antioxidant vitamin E. The skin seems protected. A velvety texture that nourishes dry skin thanks to a nourishing complex with ...
  • Exp 2020-06
Sensibio Tolerance Plus (40ml)
Cutaneous hypersensitivity under TOTAL CONTROL for a comfortable and durably soothed skin. -Raises the skin’s tolerance threshold. -Improves quality of life. Taking care of your skin is once again a pleasure. The use of ma...
HK$189 HK$108
Sensibio Light 40ml
Normal to combination, sensitive to intolerant skin,Instantly soothes heating sensations and increases the skin’s sensitivity threshold、Perfectly moisturises、Guarantees optimal tolerance。INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE-Morning and/or evening &nd...
Sensibio Rich Cream (40ml)
-Instantly soothes heating sensations and increases the skin’s sensitivity threshold -Intensely nourishes -Moisturises and protects -Guarantees optimum tolerance Directions for use: Apply at night over the whole face and neck a...
Hydrabio Crème
Dehydrated sensitive dry to very dry skin with lack of radiance,Durably and deeply hydrates and nourishes。 Smoothes the skin texture and reveals its radiance。Provides a sensation of softness and comfort。Fresh and light fragrance。INSTRUCTION...
Hydrabio Light Moisturising Care (40ml)
Dehydrated sensitive normal to combination skin with lack of radiance。Intensely and durably hydrates。 Smoothes the skin texture and reveals its radiance。 Provides a sensation of softness and comfort。 Fresh and light fragrance。 Very good tol...
Moisturizing Sorbet Cream (40ml)
Thanks to its "quick break" technology, this gel-cream turns into water on contact, helping soothe, moisturise and strengthen the skin. Reactivates the skin’s hydration mechanisms! Replenishes its water reserves! Ensure the ...
Moisture Recovery Cream (40ml)
Vinosource Moisture Recovery Cream comforts and nourishes the skin deeply. Restoring the hydrolipidic film and strengthening the skin barrier functions. Skin feels soft and supple, perfectly comfortable all day long. This velvety and extrem...
Intense Moisture Rescue Cream (40ml)
First-Aid Skin Care: Intense Moisture Rescue Cream nourishes skin deeply and protects it from drying out. It restores the hydrolipidic film and strengthens the skin barrier functions. Skin lipids are restored to soothe the skin and provide ...